Tuesday, December 29, 2009

:::my introduction:::

I'm Kari Gonzalez and I come complete w/ the package below:::::::

juan - the husband
destiny - the 14.year.old daughter
jc - the 10.year.old son
jocelyn - the 6-1/2 year.old.daughter

I was born October 4, '75:::I grew up in the fairly small town of West Monroe, Louisiana. I was surrounded by my mom, dad, cousins, aunts & uncles, g'parents.

My mom and dad divorced when I was a wee sprout - age of 3 to be exact. Mom met and married my brother - Beau's dad in 1979. My brother Beau was born in October 1980.

My step-dad was a grocery store manager. We moved frequently between South Texas and Northeast Louisiana. He then became a sales rep. for Chicklets. Yep - you guessed it::: I had my share of gum/candy every day throughout my school-age years.. and surprisingly never ended up with a single cavity until I was an adult.

When I was 13 years old, my mom and step-dad divorced. Mom had earned her degree as a dietician. She landed a job at Mother Frances Hospital in 1989 and moved my brother and I to Tyler, Texas. We lived in the Whitehouse school district, on Shiloh Rd. It was the end of my freshman year of high school when I first stepped foot into Whitehouse High School. I made friends fairly quickly, or so I thought. Some people might have said I was quiet, shy... or because of those two -stuck-up.

The high school years were difficult. I hated leaving all of my friends in West Monroe... especially my freshman year of high school. I found myself arguing w/ my mom every time we opened our mouths to speak to each other. I spent a lot of time in my room and realized that this would be a very ..... long road ahead!

Finally summer came!! I had made some friends :) Yay me!! Depending on the situtation I tended to be a social butterfly anyway.

As the high school years passed:::::: I went through difficult struggles with boyfriends, my mom, and my friends. I learned from them a great deal!

In 1993, I moved away to live w/ my aunt in Mineral Wells, Tx. due to mine and my mom's torn relationship.

I got a job at a Mexican restaurant and made new friends again. Some of them weren't the best people I probably should have been hanging out with. I met a guy there::::: w/ whom I'd run away w/ and not to my surprise become pregnant. Unfortunately, I didn't have my head on straight. He was a parole-eee.. (however you spell that) and I was just an 18-year-old looking for ... heck I don't even know what I was looking for?? He talked me into moving to Ft. Worth w/ him so I could go to college. That's what I was looking forward to. I hadn't planned on marrying or having a family with him.

A few short months later, my life would completely change...

I had become pregnant, my mom reported my car stolen, police officers pulled us over in a "COPS episode" fashion.. if you will.

I had found myself alone, afraid, and completely and utterly sad!!

I found my way back to Mineral Wells, Tx. to live w/ the cousin(Anna-Marie) of the guy - (Tommy Guzman was Destiny's bio.'s name) while my mother was searching for places for me to "retreat" to with my "shame"

Mom would call to tell me of this place or that place. "You could get your life back Kari, she would say"

"The Gladney Center is a place you could go for help and care and to place your baby for adoption"

I agreed to go. While on the "tour" ... the employee led us into the "room" and said with a joy and spunk in her voice that she hadn't had previously throughout the tour - "THIS IS WHERE THE NEW PARENTS WILL COME IN AND TAKE THEIR PRECIOUS LIL ONE HOME"

I ran.... I ran...................... I couldn't stand it anymore. I had no one to turn to. I yelled out that I wouldn't go there and no one would make me!!!

I went back to Mineral Wells to live my miserable life there, unsure of where I might end up. My days consisted of Dr. appointments and long lines at the welfare office.

My mom called again. She has now found a place for me that will house "unwed mothers"... oh joy!

I agreed to go....

All the way to Kansas City, MO.

Mom and Beau (my lil brother) drove me to Kansas City, MO. to The Lighthouse. My mom signed me in and filled out all of the necessary paperwork. And then they were gone.

I spent 7 very long months at The Lighthouse. I learned a lot about myself there.

Fastforward several years::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

I met Juan in 1997 - we started dating shortly after that - and got married in 1998.

We had JC in April 1999.

"Asthma and chronic respiratory problems accompanied w/ numerous trips to the ER" meet the Gonzalez family - "Gonzalez family" meet asthma & chronic respiratory problems accompanied w/ numerous trips to the ER!!

JC has since started growing out of these awful health problems

Destiny had turned 6 or 7 and at this time Juan was looking into a step-parent adoption.

Meet Destiny Gonzalez :)

March 16, 2003 - Meet Jocelyn Danielle Gonzalez

My goodness I never thought I'd have a busy body amongst me!! She definitely has a purpose!!

This family has been through so much and I like to think we are coming out of the tunnel, only to get hit head on w/ the train again. I try to remain positive and remember that every gift is from God.... even when I don't recognize it as a "gift"